September 16, 2021

One Minute Paper: Unit 1 – Lecture 1: What is Information Systems?

What are the most useful things I have learned during this unit?

“All organizations need information to trigger business processes and form the basis for decision” ( Cox, SA 2014, Managing Information in Organizations ). This lecture enhanced my understanding of the fundamental definitions of the information systems. Starting from the definition of Information and what is the differences between Data and Information, the characteristics of information, Information life cycle and legal issues related to information. Linking those points with the practical development of Information Systems, we can define the required success factors of the system from the right procedures definitions till the quality of outputs of that system.

What are the remaining open questions?

By the end of this lecture, i found some points and questions that came to my mind and need answers:

  1. If we would to measure the value of information by figures, how we can analysis qualitatively the value of information for the business?
  2. How the Information Regulations enforced by the countries governments my impact the Information Systems and it’s processes and outcomes.
1-  Cox, SA 2014, Managing Information in Organizations : A Practical Guide to Implementing an Information Management Strategy, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. Available from: ProQuest Ebook Central. [24 September 2019]. 
2- First Lecture presentation of Unite one "Introduction to Information Systems: What is IS?" for Dr David Kreps - May 2016