September 16, 2021

One Minute Paper: Unit 1 – Lecture 2: Systems Thinking

What are the most useful things I have learned during this lecture?

During this lecture I learned the origin of the word “System” and it’s definition and the history behind it, and how the related theories developed over the years. The first useful thing i learned that the systems are togetherness and each have it’s own structure (the static part) and behavior (the dynamic part) and life-cycle. The second useful definition I learned was the Cybernetics which was coined by “Norbert Weiner” the father of Cybernetics during the World War II when he introduced The anti-aircraft gun demonstrates the systems / cybernetic principle of feedback. Also, I learned the “Homeostasis” or “Equilibrium”,” Self-Organizing Systems”, “Ecosystems”, and “Complexity” definitions and related theories.

What are the remaining open questions?

I don’t have any farther questions open from this lecture.

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